SCW... This Is Your Life!

1983 (where it all began)

Mar/83 Screeching thrash and sonic booms emanate from basement. Hear the roots of SCW's enchanting sound


May/84 Band reforms in Willow St. leaky basement studio; experiment making different sounds with industrial garbage
Aug/84 Released Arbeit Macht Frei, a 90 minute cassette package with booklet
Nov/84 Industrial Evening of Performance & Experimental Music by PnrH and SCW performed at the Chandelier Room, Mayfair Hotel, Kitchener. Our first multimedia extravaganza using costum ing, masks, video, film, instruments and sound processors. The workers rose up against their slave masters but the power tools of the workers were no match for the media tools of their slave masters


Feb/85 Peformed at local gallery openings as improvisation ensemble
Mar/85 Released Model 152 Blowgun, a 60 minute cassette
Apr/85 Performed as Sweet Children of the West at Level 21, Kitchener, in another media madness event using the many-mounted TV sets in the club a nd slides on stage


Jan/86 Paul Hawkins (PnrH) and Wayne Morris (D.W.M) start Building Balanced Children, a weekly radio art program on CKLN in Toronto
Apr/86 Release Building Balanced Children, a 60 minute cassette sampler from the show of the same name.Paul plants tree. Wayne continutes with Why Pay More?, a recycle d radio collage show on and with CKLN
Aug/86 Released A Collection, an assordid best-of compilation from the first two SCW tapes with special bonus tracks
Nov/86 A Performance (as in apostacy) or ... I'd Rather Be Killing Communists at Artculture Resource Centre as Security Operations Consultants. Two intense performances of media and so und onslaughts using video, multiple home stereo systems, costuming and prosthetics


Jan/87 Rock'n'roll Talent Nite. Performed as free jazz improvisational group at Ildiko's, Toronto, using more conventional instrumentation and chicken feet
July/87 Performed once again as Sweet Children of the West at the Waterloo Park Bandshell
Dec/87 New Year's Eve Ball With SCW. Another media circus with much video audience feedback, high-camp MCs, prosthetics, multi TVs, the funkiest band in the land, and the obligatory li mbo dance


Apr/88 Released The Band With an International Reputation, a 60 minute cassette
Dec/88 New Year's Eve Ball: Part II. Brings the SCW funk orchestra back and badder than ever, with more media surprises using vi deo, audio-interactive computer graphics, and the obligatory limbo dance


Jan/89 A string of live shows as a disco revivalist band at various clubs in Toronto
Nov/89 Performed God Family Country at the Music Gallery, Toronto. Another multimedia blitz with large-screen video, computer graphics, samplers, tapes, sound processors and hats


Feb/90 Peformed at Wanton Optics Gallery, Toronto, as improvising entertainment for gallery viewers of PnrH fine art
Nov/90 Released God Family Country, a three-cassette package


Jan/91 Who Shot the Pope? included in an international CD compilation, The Death of Vinyl, receiving wide international radio airp lay
June/91 Performed at the Cameron Club, Toronto, with a new show using video, interactive computer graphics, multiple TVs, samplers, tapes and sound processors
Aug. 15/91 World Tour: The Beginning. Rivoli, Toronto
Aug. 16/91 World Tour: The End. Foufounnes Electriques, Montreal


June/92 Released God Family Country, remixed for CD with some additional live tracks


Jan/93 Interviewed by Mike Dery for an article in the January 1993 issue of Keyboard Magazine


Dec/94 Released War on Drugs, a 10-track CD


March/95 Sound and Media Onslaught at the Music Gallery, Toronto. Part of the Freedom in a Vacuum series, curated by Robert Olver. Partly based on War on D rugs. Check our Grafix page to see some images from the show.
May/95 Sound and Media Onslaught reviewed by Daibhid James in the May 95 issue of !*@# (Exclaim) (p. 28). "... the owners of the coolest band name of all tim e ..."

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