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December 2002

Yes we are still alive - come back soon!


August 1996

SCW will be performing at the Livestock 96 outdoor music festival north of Toronto. Doing their thing in the hay, SCW will put a new twist on the old barn dance!

July 1996

SCW is on the air! Listen to the soothing sounds of SCW fron the comfort of your own computer, thanks to RealAudio and Audionet. Check out the Jukebox at Audionet and go to the "techno/electronic"section. You'll need the RealAudio plug-in and a sound-capable computer, as well as a minimum 14.4 modem connection.

May 1996

SCW's track Seduced is included on the In Out Thru compilation of Toronto electronic and industrial b ands. Seduced was taken from the "Sound and Media Onslaught" show at the Music Gallery in May 1995.

May 1995

The "Sound and Media Onslaught" show at the Music Gallery, Toronto, is reviewed by Daibhid James in the May 95 issue of !*@# (Exclaim). We quote ...

Leaders of Canada's non-gothic industrial scene and, coincidentally, the owners of the coolest band name of all time, Sucking Chest Wound made good on one of their rare live appearances. Openers were Montreal's Phycus, a King Crimson-type nois e band who offered up a guitar played with a vibrator, a megaphone feeding back into a microphone, an exhibition of fire-eating and a cover of a Throbbing Gristle song. SCW followed by sticking to their keyboards and computers, which doesn't give the audi ence much to watch, so they back it up with a double-screen film and slide show. Other bands use screens, but SCW earn extra credit for actually linking up the images on screen with their musical themes. The piece called "The War On Drugs" synce d with images of cops busting down doors, cold medicine TV adverts and shots of Silken Lauman and her Benadryl (talk about topical!). Lots of bands aspire to the multi-media concept, SCW actually live up to it.
© Daibhid James. Reprinted by permission.

Check our page to see some images from the show.

March 1995

SCW Announces its upcoming "Sound and Media Onslaught" at the Music Gallery, Toronto.

The performance is part of the Freedom in a Vacuum Series at the Music Gallery, curated by Robert Olver, whose record-label of the same name is dedicated to the "pursuit of unknown pleasures and unasked questions". SCW welcomes one and all to attend the onslaught, which will partly be based on SCW's recent CD release, "War on Drugs".

When: Friday, March 24

The Music Gallery
179 Richmond Street West
Toronto, Ontario CANADA

What time and how much: The action starts at 9:00 PM; tickets are $10 and $7.
For more info: Call the Music Gallery at (416) 204-1080

February 1995

Sucking Chest Wound Presents a New CD Recording: War on Drugs

We're well into the 90s, communism has been vanquished and we're feeling pretty good, thanks to Prozac. But wait! Don't go and turn in your handguns yet, 'cause we're about to get into another war! What war, you ask? Why its ... War on Drugs.

Available at fine record stores and alternative media outlets, or by mail order for $12 from SCW International, P.O. Box 242, Station B, Toronto, CANADA M5T 2W1. To order now, use our handy mail order form. If you'd like to kno w more about the release or about SCW in general, use our email form or send us mail the usual way at scw@scw.gts.org.

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