Sucking Chest Wound...

started its assault on the music industry ten years ago, and record company executives still run and hide at the mere mention of its name. Playing live generally only once or twice a year, SCW has performed under many different guises. From a free jazz combo to an electronic industrial barrage; from a hardcore metal onslought to a post-modern disco band; from an art gallery lounge act to a mega, multimedia performance art event ... expect the unexpected. Whatever the musical medium, SCW maintains an adventurous approach, using taped sounds, sampled media and unconventional instrumentation.

Visual elements ...

have always been an important aspect of SCW's shows. Video, video projection, film, slides, interactive computer graphic systems, costumes and prosthetics have been used in past performances. Acerbically sarcastic and politically pointed, SCW makes it its mandate to abuse the mass media and anathematize television. Topics "discussed" in the past have included military-industrial brainwashing, Star Wars, the KKK, televangelism, the nuclear family, the attempted assassination of the Pope and the war on drugs.

SCW has incorporated ...

the talents and energy of a number of artists and musicians over the years. Past members have been Paul Hawkins (P.n.r.H), Rob Allan (roba) and Scott Casey. Contributing artists and techmasters have included Bruce Becker, Katherine Willson and Karen Young. The current incarnation consists of Wayne Morris and J. Ibsen.

SCW International
P.O. Box 242 Station B
Toronto, Ontario CANADA M5T 2W1

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