PnrH is an artist and founding member of SCW and is responsible for all of the artwork on SCW's cassette and CD releases. He has also contributed video, computer graphics, film, costuming and prosthetics for SCW's live performances. PnrH is currently enjoying life with his family in eastern Ontario, where he operates RY-AD, a computer graphics and design company. He continues to paint and sculpt. You can email PnrH and/or RY-AD at

Below are a few samples of paintings done by PnrH. To view the full image, click on the round button. Please note that all files, including thumbnails, are in JPEG format. If your browser does not support JPEG, you should upgrade to a newer version or switch browsers!

Nice Head

78 Kb

Le Pendu

27 Kb

Human Head Transplant

63 Kb

Protectors of the Faith

53 Kb


(digitally enhanced)

40 Kb

Happy Hour
(at the Plutonium Bar)

70 Kb

(Middle of the Road)

42 Kb

Generation of Swine

62 Kb

Jumbo Feeds Baby

67 Kb

Hittin' it Rich
in the Oil Lands

56 Kb

If you are interested in purchasing paintings, prints, drawings or sculpture by PnrH, or would like some great computer graphics done for you or your company, send an email to or phone 613-924-1968.